the best Folding Electric Scooter for the price

If you are in a hurry and just want to find what the best folding electric scooter is for fun and daily commuting, The Nanrobot D4+ is the model that we pick.

To ride a scooter is to feel free. The folding electric scooter is not a new concept, but countless scooter enthusiasts are taking over the streets now. As a personal experience, drive a scooter around 16 miles per hour is one of the funniest things that I’ve done. The only thing that we have to be conscient is about the battery, lowers batteries can ruin a perfect day-tripping. Pick a good scooter and have fun while you are driving, you will be ok.

What started as a toy for kids, currently has become in one of the cleanest transportation tools. While comfort is the main goal with all the foldable scooters, they are not all the same. Besides being portable and foldable, it actually needs to be powerful and sturdy enough to take your adult size self where you need to go. There are many foldable electric scooters and some people stay away from them for fear of choosing a bad model, that’s why we made a shortlist.

Today we’ll take you through some of the best folding electric scooter on the market that are well worth:


  • Lightweight and compact. You can stow them away, take them on public transport carry them around if you need to go upstairs.
  • There is no more trouble with parking. You can take them into the office or cafe for charging, store it almost anywhere.
  • They are far more accessible than bikes given the small size and weight of them in comparison.
  • They are fast enough to go medium distances. Fun and friendly for recreative rides.
  • Being a green-commuter you will save a lot of money on gas and help the environment.

Let’s go for the scooters

Glion dolly folding electric scooter

Our first folding electric scooter on this list is also one of our favorites for the daily commuter. Less is more sometimes, the Glion Dolly has a simple look, way easy to carry, and make the work well enough. 

About the motor power, this isn’t the most powerful, but reaching up to 15 mph makes the works that we need to commute. The Glion Dolly comes with a 36V 6.6AH  lithium-battery powered scooter. It requires approximately 3-3.5 hours of charge time to use and is long-lasting at 15 miles per charge. 

So as you can see is a minimalist design and simple but with useful features. Folding and unfolding super easy and also the dolly function allows you to wheel it like a rolling suitcase. It also can stand up all by itself.  For last this folding scooter for adults comes with a special casing to store it to protect it from damage. The case made of soft padding that prevents your scooter from knocking


  • It comes with special casing to store it to protect it from damage. 
  • Anti-lock maintenance-free brake located in the rear hub as well.
  • It can travel 500 miles on one dollar of electricity. (commented by the company)
  • Only weight 28 pounds


  • Short carry capacity to some people (255 pounds)

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nanrobot d4

The opposite face than our first model. The Nanrobot D4+ comes from a Chinese company and growing popularity because of its powerful motors and impressive features.

This scooter is not a toy, it seems as if it came from Silicon Valley or something. Complete with two independent 1000w motors that sit at the front and back of the scooter, with them it can reach speeds up to 40 mph. It’s pretty funny and extreme but we have to be really cautious when we drive and kids shouldn’t use it.  Another thing that we love is the battery capacity, a 52V 23Ah lithium battery. This is gorgeous, we are talking about a maximum range of 45 miles! that is far more than what a average folding electric scooter or electric bike gives.

By the brand instruction, this folding electric scooter can carry 330 lbs. But, we consider that thanks to the high-quality aluminum frame and powerful motors the Nanroboot D4 can carry at least 350 pounds without any problem.

It also comes with an LCD display that shows speed, gears, battery and riding time. Also, it has an Eco/Turbo mode which allows you to choose between speed and range and it comes with a useful  USB port.


  • 10” pneumatic tires and 6 shock absorbers (allowing go off-road with this).
  • Strong aluminum frame.
  • Dual disc brakes and regenerative braking. Giving security stop and control on high speeds
  • The range is twice more than many top electric folding scooters and even electric bikes.


  • Charge it 100%  take long (8-10 hour.)
  • Because of all the features, this model is heavy (60 lbs)
  • It is for high budgets.

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Pretty design, keeping minimalism but sophisticated. The MEGAWHEELS S5  is a folding electric scooter with basics features and excellent performance in short rides. We like this scooter a lot, you can use on a Sunday morning to go breakfast or a Wednesday night going to the market for some small groceries.

With an Ultra-high capacity 5800 mAh LG lithium battery and a cool 250w motor, you’ll find that this scooter is helpfully in your daily routine. Travel up to 12 miles with one simple charge (most of the customer declared that can travel around 10-11 miles) and can reach speeds up to 15 MPH.

The 8.5” tires come with shock-absorbing technologies that help traveling across various terrains. But, we have to clarify that is not an off-road scooter.

To track how is going your scooter you will have 5 LED battery indicators on the dashboard remaining battery capacity. Other facts, this scooter is made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making it strong enough to support up to 270 pounds, and his weight is just 27.5 lbs.


  • Battery charges in just 3 hours.
  • Powerful double system brake. (mechanical disc braking on the rear wheel and electronic braking on the front wheel )
  • Protection plan for 3 or 2 years for a good price.


  • With a top speed of 15 MPH is not too fast.
  • Some customers declared that the motor makes noise after weeks. (It could be solved by the guarantee)

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mercane widewheel

This folding scooter is a good option when the rider is looking for top features for different surfaces and a relatively good price. To start The Mercane Widewheel electric scooter is for ultimate riding comfort. Ultra-wide tires (4 inches wide and 8 inches in diameter) with front and rear suspension allowing go through different light terrains in a smooth way. This bike is not to go to intensely off-road but unlike other commuter scooters, you can go through most surfaces having fun and a better experience.

A cool thing to know is that it comes in two presentations. So you can choose between the one with one motor W500 (Top Speed 20MPH) or if your budget is bigger and wants more power-acceleration the dual-motor W500 (Top Speed 25 MPH) will please you. Talking about the battery we will find that this model comes with a battery 48V 8.8AH (single motor), or 48V 13.2 Ah (dual-motor presentation). Those batteries are in the deck of the scooter and allow you a range of 15 miles to 22 miles depending on your choice. By the way, the batteries charge between 5-6 hours.

Other features to mention, a brake light in the back, and a led headlight in the front. A simple display that shows by 4 lights points the battery status.


  • Wide deck design giving an extra foot room (more comfort)
  • Good performance in different surfaces.
  • Top speed and acceleration great.


  • The T-bar is not height adjustable (it can work for people up to 6’2” without issues)
  • Doesn’t come with a speedometer (for the quality of all the other components in this scooter we expected a display with more info)
  • A little weigh, being 37.9 Lbs we can consider this scooter little heavy for some riders.

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WiLEES foldable electric scooter

Let’s start with our last model in this review. The WiLEES scooter maybe is not the most popular model in the market, but we find many good features and good opinions of customers that make us focus our attention on this model. Easy to transport, comfortable to daily routine and ideal for short trips (around 5 miles) are the main things that we find of this model.

Starting with the motor we will find a 350W brushless hub motor that can reach speeds up to 20 MPH and climb hills up to 10-degree gradient. That’s maybe not the faster folding scooter in this article but is pretty good for any kind of ride. On the other side, this scooter comes with an 8 AH lithium battery that can reach distance up to 15 miles by the brand specifications (we consider that it could be around 11-12 miles).

Also, this folding scooter has an aluminum alloy frame that allows carry riders up to 210 Lbs in a pleasant ride. For last,  this scooter comes with extra 8.5 inches airless wheels and the front and rear disc brake assures unparalleled riding comfort on pavement.


  • Minimalism model.
  • Good relation price-features.
  • Easy to fold and lightweight (23 lbs)
  • Small folding size allowing carry, transporting and store it in an easy way. The folding size is 43.5×5.5×6.5 inches (LxWxH)


  • Operating instructions are in Chinese (but most things to deal with are quite intuitive)
  • Battery charges in 4-5 hours.

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Now that we check all the folding electric scooter, we can appreciate that each has some features that make it different from the others. All the products showed in this article are good quality, that’s why it is a little bit difficult choice one of them. By the way, after think from a daily rider commuter perspective we chose two models.

The first is also the first model in this article, the Glion Dolly . This folding scooter maybe is not the fastest but is really functional for a daily ride and the good quality components make it work great for long. The depreciation of this product is less than others, and the lightweight and strong components make us think in this one as a good option for our riders.

The second option is The Nanrobot D4+. For those that want something really really fun and have a bigger budget. The Nanrobot D4+ is the fastest in this post can reach up to 40MPH with two motors and comes with wide wheels that have a great performance on different surfaces. This electric folding scooter is definitely a good option for a city ride, plus the fact that this scooter is cheaper than other top fast scooters. We consider this a great choice for those riders that want more power and adrenaline.

What to look for out

Motor and speed

The average speed range that’s considered as good and safety is 14-25 MPH. If you are looking for stronger performance, would be better a hub motor that comes with two motors. Usually, this type will deliver 750W-1000W to reach the max speed of 25+ MPH. By the way, a cool motor of 250w- 500w could perform well enough for nice trips.

For personal experience I like to remember, the more powerful the motor is, the bigger the injury in an accident. So be careful when you are riding, speed is good, but enjoying carefully is better. 

Battery and mile range

Priority after a good motor is a good battery. Nothing will be fine if you have a motor that can go up to speeds 25 MPH but you get stuck in the middle of your trip for lack of battery.  The most common battery is lithium-ion. On average, a 12-volt to a 24-volt battery is ideal to let your electric scooter run of 10-15 miles. (Depending with the relation with the motor power). Charge times depend on the model, some take 5 hours, other top models jus take 3.5 hours or even less to get a full charge.

If you want to know how powerful is your battery, a simple way is multiplying the volts of the battery (V) per the Amperius Hour ( AH). Doing that you’ll know how much power produceS per hour.


Folding models can be more expensive than non-folding but to take your scooter and be able to put it almost everywhere worst enough. If you want a folding model is because portability is one of your priorities, another way to take one normal. A good tip is to check the dimension of 2 or 3 places where you will store your folding scooter, and compare it with the dimension fold to make your choice. Knowledge of the weight of the scooter is important too for all that’s moments that you will carry it.


The material of the scooter, how much it can carry and the dimensions when it is open to check if it fits you. Most of the scooters can carry riders about 250 pounds but is important that you double-check to make sure that it will be good for you.

As always, if you have any question you can let a comment or send us an email and we will be glad to answer your concerns.

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