What is the best value road bike? – value for your money

If you are in a rush but you would like to know which is one of the best road bikes, we recommend the Diamondback Arden 2.

It is not a secret that a lot of us like to ride road bikes at high speeds just like professionals in the tour de France. But, sometimes we are lack knowledge about which will be the best road bike to us, also without breaks our budget. That’s why we start this article.

Currently, there are two kinds of road bikes, we will talk a little about it. But in this article, we will be focus in a show you more about general facts, frame material, wheelsets, and so on. All this expecting giving to you the knowledge and a list with the best road bikes in the market for entry levels.

By the way, even if we say that these are the best road bikes to workout or training like a semi-pro, they also are super versatile for commute in the city.

Race bikes and Endurance bikes 

As we mentioned before, there are two kinds of road bikes, those are race bikes and endurance bikes. We will explain the main and most simple differences between those two models. Race bikes are to go fast, which can sometimes come at the expense of things like comfort. To get the most out of a race bike, you need to be pretty flexible.

Endurance bikes on the other side have slacker angles. Is no need to be that flexible because this one comes with plenty of comfort technology to a relaxed and stable ride. 

Both work good to have a race in asphalt, but one is faster when the other is more comfortable. About the ride position, we can see that the race bikes put your torso in a lower position than the endurance that let you an upright riding position.

Pros and cons of Road bikes


  • Riding position allows most leg power & cuts through the air against strong winds.
  • Light and agile, these bikes are designed for speed (faster than any other kind).
  • Premium low weight with light, tall wheels & thin tires reduces friction.


  • Forgoes versatility enhancing details like rack and fender mounts.
  • The riding position can be uncomfortable on neck & wrists.
  • Can’t take the punishment like mountain bikes.

Let’s check some models:

Diamondback Arden 2

The Diamondback Arden 2 is classified as an endurance bike. This road bike pairs technology of Diamondback’s highest-end with a component mix giving a very reasonable price and performance

The frame is from aluminum tubes that are not only stylish but also has a perfect balance of strength and lightweight performance with a rad geometric design on the top tube. The geometry of these road bikes allows a medium upright position that still lets you go fast and comfortable for long rides. About the brakes we find Tektro disc brakes add an extra measure of safety and control. And the speeds by Shimano drivetrain (18 speeds on a 2×9 drivetrain) provide more than enough gears to go as fast as your legs can allow you.

To accommodate female riders, Diamondback offers these road bikes in a smaller range of sizes, from XXS to XL (designed to fit riders from 5’ feet to 6’4”).


  • Good relation between price and quality components. (aluminum  frame, 9-speed, 11-32t cassette, and so on)
  • Mechanical disc brakes Tektro brand with great stopping power
  • A great model for women and men (easy to ride for both) and with a female-friendly size range and touchpoints.
  • Saddle and narrower handlebar boost all-day comfort.


  • Compared with other models is a bit of weight.

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Tommaso Tiempo

The Tommaso Tiempo is a super-affordable road bike, coming from a company founded in 1985 that is the focus on making road bikes. For those looking to get into the great sport of cycling and step up past entry-level riding.

While the frame is of aluminum (premium 6061 SLA Aluminum), the fork is of carbon ( High-modulus Carbon Technology) which reduces the weight, to 22 lbs in the smallest size. This is one of the best road bikes giving you the power and performance you demand.  Like the model before the Tommaso Tiempo comes With the 18 speed Shimano Sora drivetrain. With an 11-30T Sora cassette and a Sora Compact 34/50T crankset, the Tiempo will cover the whole gamut of ups and downs. 

About the frame geometry of this road bike we think is superior to other frames geometries. It offers better power distribution and is more responsive to the power input.

The wheelset is Featuring a 30mm rim and bladed spokes help to dampen road vibrations, adding comfort and control in your ride.

The brakes on the Tommaso Tiempo are also from the Shimano Sora groupset. However, this bike does not come with discs, but with brake calipers. But don’t take us wrong, some professional cyclist prefers this kind of brakes than the disc mode.


  • Ultra-compact handlebar design. That makes utilizing the drop feature on the bars easier and more comfortable than other competitors
  • World-class saddle manufactured by WTB.  Offering lightweight and performance, relieving pressure and giving more comfort through long roads.
  • Climbing is powerful and explosive with minimal vibrations.


  • Brake calipers. we prefer disc brakes for easy maintenance and better performance on wet.

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Savadeck carbon road bike (warwinds3.0)

At a simple view, the Savadeck road bike is really nice looking. Exceptional construction, the design is thought out in a wind tunnel to achieve the highest aerodynamic. Wind resistance will not be a problem no matter if you are going up or down the road.

The frame of these road bikes are crafted out of Toray carbon fiber (light and highly durable). The seat tube also has an aerodynamic contour, which is crucial for comfort and bike efficiency.The drivetrain is 100% Shimano Sora, rear and front derailleurs, as well as, shifter level are from Shimano. So you can be sure that the 18 speeds will make you perform great on your road.

Alloy Michelin pro wheels and dynamic sports tires 700×25 make the bike stand out. With only 21.6lb, you have one of the best road bikes that is lightweight and easy to control on long road trips.


  • Fully-internal cable routing ensures clean airflow over the entire bike.
  • Lighter compared with other bikes in the same target, just 21.6 Lb
  • The MICHELIN Pro 700C*25C is one of the best performances in the market 


  • The largest size going up to people 6’1”

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Kestrel Talon X

The kestrel talon X is a good option for those athletes who are looking to go to competitions like a triathlon or even cycling competition.

Kestrel offers a true carbon fiber frame on this road bike. Plenty of impressive components helps you in your training session or road trip. A good point that we like about this road bike is that it comes with high-quality components as a competition-worthy road bike, but Krestel still adds some smart features making this bike able to many uses. The Talon weighs under 20 lbs and offers a good amount of flex in the frame.

The geometry aerodynamics of this bike improving lateral stiffness and energy transfer. This helps counteract the loss of pedal power going into the frame’s flex. And if you think that the position needs a lot of elasticity, actually the seat post and saddle are adjustable. So you can choose between a triathlon position or more racing-oriented. The drivetrain comes with Shimano components. Shimano 105 front & rear derailleurs with Shimano 105 11speed STI shifters. For all the other features of these road bikes, 11 speeds are the only weak point.

About the breaks, the talon uses Tetktro R540 dual-pivot calipers. Again, we prefer the disc brakes but with this model we find that those brakes work really good, giving a very controlled brake without felling too resistance or mushy.

Checking the wheelset, we find are Oval Concept 327, with tires Vittoria Zaffiro Pro, 700 x 25c which are both light and sturdy.


  • The aerodynamic design is exceptional. Good to training in both cases, as a triathlon and racing cycling.
  • The use of the Ultegra line over the Dura-Ace keeps the cost down while not sacrificing performance.
  • It provides excellent tire clearance. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro is a great option for longer rides, provides excellent grip and durability.


  • Being honest, when you ride this bike you may like have more speeds for more control. You don’t need much more than 11 with all the other features but some riders like deal with more speeds.
  • We would prefer disc brakes for better stopping.

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diamondback bicycles century 1

This is the cheapest model of the century collection of Diamondback, but it doesn’t mean that these road bikes aren’t well worthing. In a simple overview, we can check that this machine brings a lot of features that top road bikes for entry-level can come… High-quality aluminum frame, Shimano components, and 28c tires

This is a classic road bike that’s built with materials and a geometry design for endurance and longevity. Its well-balanced tubing ensures stability while riding for long periods. Also, it lows the pressure on the neck and shoulders to allow more comfort. As we mention before Century 1 comes with an aluminum alloy frame. This aluminum frame is super lightweight and has a stylish and brilliance look.

Also, Century 1 has Shimano Sora 8 Speeds drive-train, with the derailleur, brake levers, shifter, and cassette Shimano. So you can be confident of the smooth when you jump from one speed to others. We can’t forget to mention that this road bike comes with Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes for confident stopping. 

For all the showed before we think that this model is one of the best road bikes currently. This brand is one of the most popular in the U.S. and it’s because for a long time they’ve met the expectations of their customer.


  • Very friendly price and good relation price-quality.
  • Good appearance, the lines of this bike are easy attractive at the first view.
  • Low pressure on the neck and shoulders will help a lot to new road bike riders can get used to this style of cycling.


  • Wheels are simple, they may require an upgrade after a while.
  • We find the saddle/seat a little uncomfortable. (can be easily replaced)

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Final Choice

It’s difficult in this case to pick which is the best road bike, all the road bikes that we show are a focus in comfort for entry levels that’s why they have a lot of similitudes. But, we find that the Diamondback Arden 2 is for a little difference the most balanced and best road bike to our riders. We need to clear that this bike is not just for women. Some places call it like “women bike” but that’s because in this model Diamondback creates also a female-friendly size range. So thanks to that, we are sure that it will be a great acquisition for men and women. By the other side, an amazing 18-speed set, a medium upright position, and the Saddle and narrower handlebar will make sure that you have a pleasant ride or a great training session.

As always, just shoot us a comment or email with any questions or hiccups. Happy to help move things along.

features to consider in road bikes

You need to look at the whole package to have a balance in your bike quality. If you opt for expensive frame carbon, be sure to check out the other facts of the bike too. Often manufacturers will balance the books by scrimping some fittings, so try to assurance that your road bike has quality in all aspects.

Material frame

The first thing that people check when is buying a new bike is the material frame, and in a road bikes, this isn’t an exception. The most used to build modern road bikes are carbon fiber composite and aluminum alloy. There are other materials like steel or titanium, but most people prefer carbon fiber because of the lightweight.

Drivetrains gears

There are too many brands of gears, current advances in this topic are allowing good quality sets less expensive. More gears you have, more smooth and fast you can go, otherwise, with fewer gears, the jump between them will be larger and it will sacrifice some speed at the change. One of the best brands that you can find currently in the market is Shimano.


You can different brakes like rim brakes or hydraulic, but we prefer disc brakes. Disc brakes offer superior performance in all conditions, especially in the wet and on dirt or gravel roads. Also, they are less expensive to maintain and they are quite popular every cycling discipline.


Ideally, the lighter and stiffer the wheel, the better for speed and handling. in the past road bikes had tin tires 28mm wide or even less. Today we can find more than 32mm on even the most race-oriented road bikes. Wide tires offer more comfort, better traction, and roll faster than narrower tires. Also, extra width softens the road because you can run lower tire pressure with less fear of flatting.

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