What repair kit should carry on your regular road?

Imagine go riding on a nice road and you start losing control and focus of your bike because a loose nut makes our wheel unstable, doesn’t make sense be always in a position of calling a friend or a cab when you can solve the situation thanks to a basic tool/emergency kit, and the knowledge to use it.

It’s essential to every rider to have at least a small tool that can help you with simple repairs through your ride. We are not talking about a big problem like a bent tube but if it’s a flat tire or a little alignment, for sure we are able to do it ourselves and keep our track.

And no worries is not a lot of stuff to carry, we try to keep it short and simple on this occasion. If you carry a regular rack top bag you can put this kit throw it in there, but actually is not need, because the kit comes with an under-seat bag that works perfectly.

amory – Bicycle Repair tool set


With 5 in 1 item, it can solve most problems while driving. The kits include essential items like: Bicycle tire repair bag with a portable pump, bicycle multi-tool, bicycle stroller bars, tire tube patches, screw wrench.

The bag’s only 9.5 cm x 22.5 cm, making it easy to put under your seat or under the frame.

Tire tube patches and metal rasp, even if the tire flat and leaks air is no need to worry, you can easily patch it and make it work again.

Portable Pump, one of the most common problems cycling is losing tire pressure so after putting air into the tires you can come back cycling at your better pace.

Screw wrench with 3 differents socket hex (8/9/10mm), small and easy to use for any nut change or adjust.

With two different screwdrivers, a sleeve extension rod, a flat wrench with 4 sizes (8/10/15mm and 14GG) and 6 inner hex key wrench (2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm), the multi-tool let you are more than ready for any adjustments that you gotta make.

And Bicycle stooler bars that complete this multi-functionality kit.

Benefits of the Amory kit

  • The small bag easily fits perfect on your bicycle saddle or frame with all comfort, or even to put it into another bag so you can carry it everywhere.
  • Good price and worth product, buying everything separated it will be easily $10 to $20 more expensive.
  • Work great not only for your bike but also for kids bike repair, folding bikes, baby trolly and so on.
  • It can also be used separately as a daily home repair tool or even for camping.

Some cons

  • Some people affirm that the portable pump it’s not as good as the other tools that come with.
  • It may need some more tools to make it a complete set for every occasion, but on simple rides is good.


people said


H. Choi “I like it! Just tried it on my mountain bike and the tool seems and feels sturdy. For the price it is a great deal. I don’t know how much better the more expensive ones from REI are but I’m happy with it.”

Chuck and Soni “Needed a all in one kit and this one fits the bill. The only complaint I had was the pump was on the cheap side quality wise. Other than that, it did what I needed.”

David “I like having this bike kid for emergency repairs. It’s pretty comprehensive. I especially like the Allen key set and it comes with a small pump. There’s several patches included as well. Also, it has velcro straps so you can easily adhere it to your bike.”

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