Dahon MARINER D8 – The Favorite Folding Bike

Let’s start this article with my personal experience. Living in a studio, lack of money and space and really needing a way to move, I started to read about Folding bikes and I realize that the Dahon Mariner was the most popular bike in the US, so I bought it and it really helps me at that moment.

One of the most sell bikes in the U.S. is the Dahon Mariner. Coming from a company that starts around 30 years ago, the mariner was originally a folding bike for people on boat trips, create to make their journeys easier and more entertaining. But this folding bike pretty soon becomes quite popular among commuters, first with the model D7 and now with the upgrade Mariner D8


  • Loads 8 gears and trigger shifter making an easy fluid ride.
  • Huge spectrum to fit for riders between 4’9” to 6’3” with an Adjustable handlebar height.
  • It comes with fenders and a rear rack that has a nicely designed clip-on bungee cord, great to carry bags.


  • Some customers say, the seat is not very comfortable but it is easily replaced.
  • Come fully assembled but aren’t ready to ride out of the box. It takes like 45 min to install some parts (like pedals or chain) and fill the tires to get the bike ready.

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Features and benefits of Dahon mariner d8

Frame material

The Mariner D8 feature’s Dahon proprietary frame material called “Dalloy Sonus,” which is a 7005 lightweight aluminum. Some experts of Dahon said is more long-lasting than the pressed steel or aluminum that manufacturers sometimes use. Even if you are on the heavier side, this folding bike will likely be able to hold your weight.

The carrying capacity easily going up to 230 pounds (105 kg).


The 1×8 Speed drivetrain is great for those short commutes. 8 different speeds can scroll you through wide options for different terrains and slopes. Also, the Mariner D8 uses traditional drivetrains instead of internal-geared hubs. 

While you can’t change gears from a stop like you can with an internal hub, by using traditional sprockets, derailleurs, and chains, this folding bike is easy to maintain and parts are less expensive.

Rear derailleur

Shimano RD-M310 which is part of Shimano’s Altus is the derailleur on the Mariner D8. You should find that the Mariner D8 shifts smoother and more reliably than other derailleurs currently. 

So in simple words offers good quality for the price, comparing with other models this can go much faster and it’s more smooth as well.


The 8-Speed shifter trigger on the right handlebar grip is easy to use and at a comfortable hand position. This is made up of two triggers that shift the bike’s gears. One operated with the thumb, one operated by the forefinger. Shifting through the gears is fluidly and you don’t have to worry about gears locking up in the Mariner D8.

It is way easier to use shifter trigger than any other kind.


Alloy 110 mm V-Brakes. Made from a reliable Winzip aluminum at the front and rear provided enough stopping power when you will ride through the city or in some hills.

Folding design and Size

The folded size measures to 25.6″H x 31.1″W x 12.6″D. and weighs 26 pounds (11.8 kg).

To fold it down as we mentioned before it’s just needing 5 steps-process and the bike will fold or unfolded. Around 2-4 min should take you, or even less when you get used. This bicycle is pretty small when folded down, literally, it’s around a carry on bag size and it can save in the car boot or even under the office desk

What people say

This folding bike received many accolades within the world of folding-bike websites. And also we can find really good testimonies from customers’ experience.

Andrew a Customer from amazon says “I bought this bike as a commuter vehicle to be able to bike to a train platform and then bike from the train to work. For that purpose, it works great. I can store it under my desk, bring it onto a crowded train, and fold and unfold it quickly as needed.”

Kelley by other side comments “This is a sturdy bike that is easy to pick up, carry and put in the car. The first week we had it on our boat and it got exposed to a bit of rain. No rust. Customer support, service, and packaging are stellar (unheard of here in the USA)!”

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Other Folding Bikes

Dahon vitesse I7

This folding bike is not going to let you down on the road, it is very well built and will stand the test of time. The bike is a high-performance model that excels over different types of terrain and as well in the wet as the dry. 

Checking the Mariner 8 frame and the Vitesse i7 we will find that both have a strong, but light, aluminum frame that vibrates very little when ridden. But, when we talk about the folded process, the Vitesse i7 takes around 15-30 seconds to fold different than the mariner 8 that takes couples minutes. 

About the speeds, the mariner D8 has one more speed than the Vitesse I7 but this folding bike uses Dahon’s flex-adjust mode. This enables rapid change of riding position, enabling the rider to be more comfortable depending on current terrain.

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Starting the Goplus is one of the most popular folding bikes in amazon for good prices and quality. Even if the D8 has better quality materials and features, we consider the Glopues pretty well in harsh conditions, considering the low prices. Thanks to the featuring double-wall rims and Kendra Khan 20′ tires this bike can go on harsh. 

One advantage of the Goplus is that it has folding pedals, so when is folds is smaller than the Mariner D8. But few riders reported that there were a few instances where the pedals would lock up when folding this bicycle. 

If it’s true that both can carry around the same pound. The mariner D8 has an advantage with the speeds, having 8 speeds against the 7 that comes in the Goplus giving more control and smooth feeling in your ride.

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the Verdict

The Dahon Mariner D8 Folding bicycle is convenient and ideal for quick tasks all-around town. With an aluminum frame for a better feel on the road, an upgraded Shimano Altus rear derailleur, and the trigger shifter, the Dahon Mariner D8 will serve perfectly in your daily routine, for multi-modal urban transport (thanks to the lightweight, and small space folded) or for have fun in your free time. It is a versatile and high-quality bicycle at this price range and in the end, thas what we are looking for.

Why I want a folding bike?

There are too many kinds of bikes currently. But we’ll let you a simple list of advantages and situations that this folding bike could help you to go through.

If you don’t have too much space, could be a solution for those people like me that don’t have a lot of space to store their bikes at home. Also, the average of bikes stolen in North America is around 2 million per year. So, if you are afraid of someone to steal your bike it would be better. 

Looking for something practice/friendly commuter. This model of bike is really versatile when you need to go through city congestion.  Small size and weight, allows you to carry your bike even in your office. Also, it always can be easily folded and carry in the metro without any extra cost.

Something to know is that is great to commute in the city but not the best option to go out the road. If you want to go through asphalt or medium dirty road this bike can work pretty well. But, if instead of that, you are looking for something that allows you to go off-road, here we let you another list with some folding mountain bikes.

If you have any questions let us a comment below and we will be happy to answer you!

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