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If you hit the trail regularly, you need a mountain bike that lasts longer and doesn’t make you waste your time fixing some pieces and being a pain in the… That’s why we picked the Diamondback Hook in this article. We were looking for an entry-level mountain bike that would be able to give freedom on your travels off-road and make bumpy roads without breaking apart. 

Mountain bikes and Diamondback Hook

There are endless models of Mountain bicycles for those excited riders that are looking for fun off-road, in hard trails and getting some hills. Yet, being honest you should ask yourself a couple of questions before buying a mountain bike. Are you looking to ride on some hard terrain or some hills? Do you have space to store a full-size mountain bike? Are you going to use your bike often enough?

If after that, you still want a good mountain bike for entry-level, you should stay in this article and read more about the Diamondback Hook. By the way, in case you don’t have space enough to store a Full-Size Mountain bike, there are many Folding Mountain Bikes that can be good for you.

Why a Diamondback Hook

Diamondback Hook Mountain bike is one of the most popular models of Diamondback bikes because it offers innovative features and versatility. In 2018, Diamondback came with this bike wanting to perform on road rides, cyclocross, and off-road situations, all while keeping a low price with the features necessaries to have a nice off-road trip.

A brief description of the Diamondback Hook, its frame is based on the Sync’r and Line, two other Diamondback models that are hugely popular.

 While the Hook is a bit more stripped down than its siblings, it provides a wide 2.3” tires and an aggressive geometry that makes this model an impressive option for beginners. A nice fact about the drive is that the Short chainstays and a low bottom bracket make it a blast to ride, especially while descending and cornering.


  • It maintains the efficient power transfer and precision of cross-country hardtails, making easy to pedal and enjoy through tough roads.
  • Efficient Teckro mechanical discs brakes, so won’t have to worry if it’s a rainy day or is a wet environment, the brakes will work well.
  • Easy assembly, takes around 30 min to put together and ride.


  • Some riders find the saddle a bit uncomfortable, but it’s easy to change.
  • It doesn’t come with a tapered headtube. Making it difficult to get an upgrade of forks without a headset adapter.

Features & Benefits

The frame

As we mention before The Hook is based on the Sync’r and Line. Actually, the Diamondback Hook and the Line have both the same coil spring-powered forks with 120mm of travel. Its 6061 T-6 aluminum frame is hand-built, and each joint on the Hook frame is hand-welded,  butted of the bike sports a 1/8″ head tube, along with a formed top and down tube.

Especially the beginners, this grade of the aluminum frame is very sturdy, durable, reliable and light for a first experience.

Suspension Fork

The front suspension mechanism SR Suntour XCM fork with 120mm of travel makes this bike capable of a good performance regardless of all obstacles, bumps, and rough trail features. it comes with 30mm stanchions, and a preload adjust coil spring making the hook deft and precise on tight trails and when you are facing bumps down the steepest descents.


This mountain bike comes with Kenda Nevegal lite tires, double-wall rims, and stainless steel spokes. Also, It’s fitted with WTB Vigilantes, coming in at 27.5 x 2.3″. In resume, they are perfectly fine to start with. Very much designed for off-road, this kind of wheelset offers stability and is strong enough for sturdy rides. 

By the way,  the double-wall rims and the strong fork allows this bike support easily riders up to 6’4” and 260 pounds.


SRAM X3 with 8-speed cassette (8 gears), is in charge of the speeds of the Diamondback Hook, with a single chainring. So, you’re only getting 8 speeds, for sure is not the fastest one but great shifting for beginner mountain riders. Indeed,  The cassette is 11T to 32T, which suggests that this bike was much more concerned with how can handle hills than what speeds you can get it up to. This is a mountain bike and has a drivetrain that performs well for its purpose, not the best for urban riders but still maintains a consistent speed


Provides by Tektro, the Aries mechanical disc brakes provide a solid baseline level of functionality. Come with 160mm rotors both at the front and rear wheels. It performs an immediate stop yet smooth halt when you need it.

Even if those brakes are ok, some customers things that they are the weak point of this bike when you comparing it with other components. But, they work pretty well for the bike purpose.

Customer Experience

We found that most customers find this bike as a really good option for start in mountain bike experience after the DiamondBack Company stopped producing its iconic model “Sorrento”.

Joe Shell on amazon said “Really enjoy this bike, it’s a first-timer for me and so far its been great! Done a lot of research into what would be best for me for the right price and felt this was the best deal and value of all others. Diamondback customer service makes this worth the purchase too. I called a few times to ask about compatible products for future upgrades and always get very responsive reps to speak with. Highly recommend this product to friends and family. Will definitely purchase DB again”

Also, Izaar Thorne commented “100% satisfied with my purchase. This is a true beginner trail bike built with quality components. The paint job was amazing, pictures will not do it justice. Took about 30 minutes to put together and ride.”

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Two alternatives

tommaso gran sasso 29er

Compared to a full-suspension design, it has no rear shock. This is also cheaper and lightweight, making it a great pick if you are after an entry-level option. This Tommaso and the Diamondback model have an aluminum frame that is great because it’s durable and keeps a lightweight. Yet, when we check the suspension we will find that the Tomasso Gran Sasso has 100-mm in front of the 120-mm on travel that comes in the Diamondback hook. (This give a point on the Diamondback hook). the Tommaso Gran Sasso uses premium Shimano M315 Hydraulic Disc brakes for excellent stopping power and we consider those brakes a little bit more efficient than those that come in the Diamondback Hook. 

when we check the Speeds we can find that both come with 8 Speeds Cassete, but the Tommaso use Shimano Altus and the Diamondback use SRAM X3, both good, but each rider has his/her own preference. These two models have a good reputation, but for some reason, the Diamondback Hook has a better qualification on the customers’ review. 

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raleigh Tokul 3 hatd tail

The brand Raleigh same as the Diamondback has a long history manufacturing mountain bikes. Starting with the Frame this bike comes with the AL-6061 SL custom-butted aluminum, resistant and durable as the 6061 T-6 aluminum frame from the Diamondback Hook.

Both with really good forks Sr Suntour of 120mm on travel, smoothing out the bumps in your trail on any terrain. About the brakes, we find exceptional Disc brakes on the Tokul 3 (Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc brakes) those brakes are well known because they provide a strong stopping power regardless of the weather. 

On the wheelset, we find in the Raleigh the Weinmann U50 TL 27.5” rims, trusted as those that come in the Diamondback hook. Also, Kenda Havoc 2.8” Tires giving some more shock-absorbance than the 2.3 tires of the Hook. For last, we find that on the Speeds the Raleigh Tokul 3 has a clear advantage with the SRAM NX high-quality drivetrain (11 Speeds). We cannot forget that this bike is more expensive than the Diamondback Hook, so it’s normal if we find some better features. In the end, both perform good but if you want something a step forward of the Diamondback Hook this may be a great option.

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Final Thoughts 

While you’re not necessarily getting a pro-level trail bike with the Hook, you can find a good tool to domain difficult terrains and have fun. You’ll probably find that it tends to comfortably fit into your riding habits, regardless of the terrain.

Again, a lot of riders found this model of a mountain bike, as a replacement of the “Diamondback Sorrento” and we consider that by its attributions is a great option. It’s designed much better for hills and gravel than for roads and paved, but you can be sure that regardless of the environment, it’s a great quality option.

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If you have any questions let us a comment and we will be happy to help you!!

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