How to transform your old bike in this quarantine?


If you are in a hurry and want to know what is our favorite Electric bike conversion kit, here is the AW 26″X1.75″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle.
The electric bike kit or electric bike conversion kit is an opportunity to build your own electric bike. In the market, you can find a lot of different new e-bikes but if you already have a bike stored in your garage, you should think twice before you buy a new one.

It’s a strange time now, but being able to build something that you can use later after the quarantine it’s a good option that may come to all our minds. Let’s say that we are looking at how can we take some advantage of what is happening, besides stay laying watching all the series that you have pending LOL, have a little project like rebuild your old bike into a new electric bike is a great way to spend this extra free time.

Having in mind that keep yourself and your family safe and active during this challenging time sounds kind of complicated, this little project may help you to go forward with the best attitude. Also, bike rides are still allowed, actually can be a great way to get out of the house, exercise and keep a safe distance from others while we are self-isolating. 

How can we turn an old bike into a new electric bike?

This may sound like a trick, but actually there are many kits (electric bike conversion kits) in the market that are easy to install. So, picking a good kit according to your bike and necessities and replacing some parts of your old bike with those new, and you can have your electric bike at fraction of the price of any retail electric bicycles.

Explain the process step by step (wrote) can be complicated to understand, rather than that bellow, we add to you some videos (between each kit explanation) where it’s showed how you can install the kit depending on which kind of kit is and your bike.

The first thing that you should know is that there are three kinds of kits

Type of ebike conversion kit:

There are three kinds of kits:

  • Front Wheel electric bike conversion kit.
  • Rear Wheel electric bike conversion kit.
  • Mid Drive electric bike conversion kit.

Let’s go to explain how each one of those kits works, and which products we recommend of each version.

Front-Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit

The Front wheel Ebike conversion kit is the easiest way to convert your normal bike into an electric one. In this kind of kits, you basically replace the front wheel with the motorized wheel. This kind of ebike kit is not as fast as others but still work really good on-road and pavement.
This kind of ebike conversion kit usually comes with all the parts needed to convert your bike: brake handles,  thumb or twist throttle, speed controller, LCD display and some times the battery.
Two important things to know is that:
Normally, you must have the standard 100mm fork to properly accept this kind of ebike conversion kit.
If you have a fat tire bike, you will need to look for a specialized kit for that kind of large fork.


  • Best option to convert a bike in an electric one for daily routes on road.
  • Easiest and quickest wat to install compared with the other models.
  • Cheaper electric bicycle conversion kit compared with other types of kits.


  • Not recommended for routes off-road
  • For inexperienced riders is more difficult to ride a bike with a motor on the front wheel.
  • Not recommended for bicycles with front shocks (is more difficult to install).
  • Mostly doesn’t comes with pedal assist.

AW Front Wheel conversion kit

The AW Front Wheel conversion kit offers more for less, AW seems to be doing a good job in the field of electric bike conversion kit market.

Main details:

Powerful 48V 1000W motor which can take up to 28mph.

26″ Front wheel (the whole wheel with tire)

An LCD display panel that displays time, battery level, speed, mileage.

Brake levers to cut off any power when braking

Do not come with Battery. But the system requires any Electrokinetic cell battery with a voltage 48v.  (Li, lead-acid, NiMH battery, and so on).

The AW Front Wheel conversion kit pedal assistance system that is not common in this kind of kits. If you want to run fast on road this model is a good option, because can go from 0 to 28MPH in just 7 seconds!. The performance of the engine is at 470 RPM offering a great experience when you are cycling. The 40mm tire allows you to go on different surfaces but again we recommend using this kind of models on pavements.


  • Very efficient motor for riders that love speed.
  • Promotes user comfort for most flat pavement.
  • Easy install, because the chain drive doesn’t come into play. (You probably need at least some knowledge of bicycle mechanics)


  • Not include battery

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Voilamart Front Wheel Ebike Conversion kit

Volilamart kits follow the highest CE international standars. This is one of the best front wheel ebike conversion kits that you can get for good prices.

Main details:

36V 500W brushless gearless hub motor which can take up to 22 Mph.

26″ Front wheel,  disc brake compatible

Twist throttle has battery level display

Brake levers to cut off any power when braking

Do not come with Battery. This system requires a 36V Cell Battery with a nominal capacity not less than 10Ah (Amp Hours)

This Voilamart front wheel conversion kit comes with pedal assistance system, as we said before that is not common in those kits. Additionally, it comes with a battery bag, making it easy when moving it around from it’s charger to the e-bike. Have a largest load capacity of 330 lbs that is pretty much for a front-wheel kit


  • Great speed for a good price.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Compatible with several battery types.


  • Not included battery
  • Some times are lack of stock.
  • Good quality, some minimal issues with the gauge wire (too light)

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Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This kind of electric bike kit provides you more control and traction than the front wheel conversion kit. That is one of the reason because almost all the manufacturers that are building electric bikes feature a rear hub motor.
This Ebike conversion kit includes the motorized rear wheel that replaces the bike’s rear wheel and includes a throttle as well as new brakes. The hub motor which goes unnoticed since it looks much like an oversized traditional bike hub. Almost all the rear wheel conversion kits come in with a pedal assist.
Rear-Wheel kits have great performance off-roads because they don’t affect the front shocks. This kind of riding is like the conventional ride what allows more control.


  • Usually comes with pedal assistance.
  • Easier control with more powerful motors.
  • Better performance off-road and in different surfaces.
  • Look cleaner with a motor mounted in the rear wheel, not easy to detect.


  • More complicated to install than the front wheel. Needs more knowledge about bike mechanics.
  • Since the most weight is in the back could be dangerous when you accelerating a lot. (your front wheel could lift off the ground)

Voilamart 26″ rear wheel electric bicycle conversion kit

As we like the voilmart front wheel kit, we consider that the rear conversion kit is a good option too.
This Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit Comes with all the components you need to a full conversion, including Rear Wheel (of 7 speed sprocket), Motor Controller, Controller Bag, Pedal Assist Crank Sensor, Cable Ties & Plastic Coil, Twist Throttle, One Pair of Brake Handles, Manual, LCD Meter.

Main details:

48V 1000W brushless gearless hub motor which can go up to 28 mph.

26″ Front wheel,  disc brake compatible

Twist throttle has battery level display

Brake levers to cut off any power when braking

Do not come with Battery. The system requires a 48V Cell Battery with a nominal capacity not less than 11.6Ah (Amp Hours)

This electric bike conversion Kit has a load capacity of 330lbs and comes with a pedal assistance system. Additionally, this kit has two more version, just in case they have 500W and 1500W.


  • The ability to choose between 5 modes (Pedal assist) and reach a top speed of 28 Mph.
  • Pretty simple to put together and install
  • Range up to 40 Miles (Pedal Assistence level 1)


  • Not included battery
  • 750W Power Limited for Road bike

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AW rear wheel conversion kit 26×17

the AW Rear Wheel conversion kit is a good deal talking about quality, features, and good prices. It’s a good option for those who have a mountain bike and want to give it some new power in it.

Main details:

Powerful 48V 1000W motor which can take up to 28 Mph.

26″ Rear wheel (26″x1.75″ aluminum wheel with the tire)

An LCD display panel that displays time, battery level, speed, mileage, and time.

Brake levers to cut off any power when braking

Do not come with Battery. The system requires any Electrokinetic cell battery with a voltage 48V. (Li, lead-acid, NiMH battery, and so on)

The AW Rear Wheel conversion kit includes a pedal assistance system. Like the AW front-wheel model this rear-wheel has an amazing performance, with 470 RPM.


  • It is a good option for vintage bikes.
  • Work pretty good to convert your bike into a cargo bike.
  • Cheap and good quality.
  • Speeds up to 28 MPH (some cases 32 MPH)


  • Not include the battery.
  • Tire included is not very quality, we recommend buying a better tire if you want to go off roads.
  • Tube puncture possible during installation, install protective tape.
  • When using the PAS (pedaling), the throttle becomes very sensitive at its low end.

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Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit

In a Mid Drive Kit, the motor is directly connected to the crank, we can find the battery and motor attached to the frame of the bike. The motor have bottom bracket and cranks which places the motor at the center of the bike and in turn, distributes the weight of the motor. This type of setting is all about smooth, balanced and efficient performance.
This kind of ebike conversion kit is the best option for bikes to climb hills and go off-roads.
Another fact to know, as soon as you start to pedal the torque sensor can easily measure the amount of input from the rider. this means thats thanks this sensor can vary the amount of help from the motor with the intensity of the rider pedaling.


  • Important brands like Yamaha, Shiman, and Bosch consider this line as the best one.
  • It’s the best option for building a full-on electric mountain bike.
  • A better balance of bicycle weight.


  • More expensive than the other kits.
  • The mid-drives are noisier than other lines

bafang BBS03B Mid drive electric bike conversion kit

Bafang has been making good Mid Drive Kits, in this case, the BBS03B is one of the most powerful motors that you can find in the Mid-drive market. The BBS03 offers huge amounts of power, making it suitable for road, trail, off-road or even cargo bike use.

Main details:

Powerful 48V 1000W 8fun BBS03 BBSHD motor with max speed up to 28 Mph.

The kit includes the Pedal Assist sensor, speed sensor, and thumb throttle.

An LCD display with Bluetooth function (optional).

Pair of Brake Levers.

Can choose if you want the battery or not. However, the system requires any Electrokinetic cell battery (Li, lead-acid, NiMH battery, and so on) with a voltage 48V and capacity not less than 11.6 Ah.

A really big advantage of this model is that his design works almost in any bicycle currently manufactured. (68mm to a much wider 120 mm fat bike).


  • Installing extra parts(Gaskets) as gifts
  • A headlight and a power extension cable as gifts
  • The Bafang 8Fun BBS03 comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Waterproof.


  • Pricey compared with other models.

Click here to check on amazon

bafang 8fun mid drive crank motor kit 750w

Another Bafang in our Mid-Drive choice, we qualifier this brand with those two models as the best money value in the market righ now. With a 750W motor that makes this system ideal for pretty much any situation or use, since a road to work or to workout on hills.

Main details:

Powerful 48V 750W Mid Crank Bafang Motor with max speed up to 25mph.

The kit includes Pedal Assist sensor, speed sensor, and thumb throttle.

An LCD  LCD display which shows speed, battery percentage, mileage, pedal assist level

Pair of Brake levers.

Comes with battery, 48V 12AH lithium Ion.

Another fact is that the bike comes in with push throttle, but you can request the manufacturer to feature a twist throttle when placing your order. And also can go just in electric mode a range of 25 Miles.


  • Lightweight.
  • Not noisy compared with other Mid Drive models.
  • High quality waterproof.
  • Relative easy installation with enough video-info to follow on the internet.


  • Pricey compared to other models.

Click here to check on amazon

An extra for speedsters:

the bikemotor rear wheel conversion kit

If you are more creativy and are looking for really high speeds to go out here you have an extra option. The bikemotor rear wheel conversion kit is a high quality set that comes with all that you need to make your bike a monster. With this electric bycicle kit your bike will be faster than a lot of scooters.

Main details:

MOTOR 72V 3000W brushless gearless hub motor.

Speed up to 50 MPH!!!

The kit includes Pedal Assist sensor, speed sensor, and thumb throttle.

LCD shows battery power level, riding time, speed, mileage and which gear you’re in.

Pair of Brake levers

Doesn’t come with battery, the suggestion about the battery is 30AH-40AH battery. We recommend have two batteries for this powerful kit.

We would like to say that this conversion kit is the most powerful available in the market. Talking about any kind of electric personal transportation.


  • The only kit that achieves 50 MPH.
  • The fisc brake is sturdy and performs better than general v-brakes.
  • Available in size 20” 21” 24” 26” and fat wheels.


  • The main pro is the main cons, this kit could be dangerous for inexpert riders. (Too much power).
  • According to the law, this motor exceeds the power limit for the city. 

Click here to check on amazon


As we always say you should decide depending on your condition, in this case, our favorite is the AW 26″X1.75″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle. We saw a good balance between the quality and price and speed enough to substitute your vehicle in your daily routine.
Yet, we like that you will be according to your conditions. If you will ride mostly on paved roads is no need a Mid Drive or even a Rear wheel, with a front-wheel kit you could go well. Now if you live around hills or are you going to be climbing on steep paths so a mid-drive or a Rear Wheel will be the best option.
Just go with what you can afford and what you really need. Of course, the mid-drives are the best quality kits, but each one of them has its pros and cons, so pick what is better for you.

Components of the electric bike kit and factors to consider


Simple, the display that shows you the information about the bike, speed level, currently battery, power output, and so on. At least it should show you the battery level, some of the display brings with a USB to charge your phone or any dispositive.

Kit Power

Power, power, power…  is almost the main fact that all human being looks for, in this case, the Motor. This is a rating in Watts and Voltage, they will determine the features of your motor.
The watts refer the power of the motor: 250W, 500W, 750W… 3000W. More watts mean more power, but also a need for a larger battery.
Voltage determines the kind of battery that your motor will need: 24V, 36V, 48V.
Also is another fact, the revolutions per min (RPM) will determinate how powerful is your motor, those are the numbers of turns in one minute.
Make sure that your ebike kit allows you to go speeds around 15-25 miles, to substitute your car somedays.

Pedelec or throttle

The speed throttle is another important element of speed as it allows you to adjust how fast you want to ride. Check if your electric bicycle kit has pedal assist because not all the kits come with that feature. Normally the front wheel electric kit doesn’t come with it.

Brake levers

Some electric bike kits could include special brake levers that cut power when applied. These brake levers will only work with cable-actuated brakes.


Again the Voltage,  the battery is by Voltage 24V, 36V, 48V, it has to match with the voltage of the motor. Another fact is the Amp Hours, this is the amount of energy that produce in one hour the battery.
One simple way to you can prove the quality of the battery is multiplying the volts of the battery (V) per the Amperius Hour ( AH). Doing that you’ll know how powerful it’s per hour.
Make sure that your kit allows you to use different types of batteries. This is convenient in situations when you can’t find the particular battery that comes with the ebike conversion kit.

for a successful built.

Bike tools

Here is what I’d consider the bare minimum toolset for this project:

  • Metric allen wrench set
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Chain breaker
  • Bottom bracket tool
  • Crank puller
  • Socket wrench with metric sockets

If you are someone that doesn’t have all these tools I’d suggest getting an inexpensive set of bike tools that works enough for basics reparations.

Quality and ease of install:

Sometimes less is more, don’t over complicated with a difficult kit if you don’t need it. Choose one that you think that you can easily install.
Look for an electric bike kit that has the features that you are looking for and gives you value for your money.
And be careful when you are installing your kit. There is on youtube a lot of videos that can show you step by step how to install your kit (we just showed you up when we explain each kit).

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