if you are in a hurry but want to know what is the fastest electric scooter, we recommend you the NanRobot LS7.

We like the thought of “to ride a scooter is to feel free”, that is one of the wisest thought that you can find in this website. Drive a folding electric scooter is super funny, the fastest you go, the more excited you get and if traffic jam gives you a headache, choosing the fastest electric scooter may be the right solution. 

Each day, different companies are trying to make their scooter fasters, trying to beat their competitor, and for our lucky, making us have more fun and greatest speeds that before were unachievable with this transportation.

Now, with all those models in the market, to make easier your choosing, we will bring a list of what we consider the fastest scooter worth the price. Here we will value different aspects like the power of the motor, the maximum speeds, the capability of the battery and the load capacity of the scooter, everything making sure that it will work for you and that you can achieve the speeds that you want for the longest possible.

Today we’ll show you some of the fastest electric scooter on the market that are well worth your money:


  • Lightweight and compact. You can stow them away, take them on public transport is easy.
  • It is easy to find parking for a folding Scooter, you avoid that cumbersome moment of finding parking for your car.
  • They are fast enough to go medium distances. Fun and friendly for recreative rides, replacing daily car trips and city congestion.
  • Being green-commuter you will save a lot of money on gas and help the environment.
  • What to look for out

Motor and speed

Top Speeds depends on many factors, a lot are external, like the terrain or the weather, but the right motor can take you up to really high speeds regardless of the rest. If you are looking for stronger performance, would be better a hub motor that comes with two motors. 

On the motor you will check two factors, first the top speed, this number doesn’t mean that your scooter will go at that speed all the moments that you want, some times because you are in a hard terrain it could be a little less. 

The second goes hand in hand with the first, the power, how many watts your motor produce. The more watts it produces, the more powerful and better performance regardless of the rough terrain and the rider weight, but that also means that you will need a bigger batterie. A Scooter with at least a motor 800W is good enough to take speeds over 25 miles.

Be careful when you are riding, never forget to wear your helmet and other protective gear, a scooter like this is not a toy is a vehicle.  The more powerful the motor is, the bigger the injury in an accident.  

Battery and mile range

Priority after a good motor is a good battery. It would s*ck if you get stuck in the middle of your trip for lack of battery with a 70 pounds weight scooter. That’s why a good battery is necessary according to your motor power.

The most common battery is lithium-ion. If you want to know how powerful is your battery, a simple way is multiplying the volts of the battery (V) per the Amperius Hour ( AH). Doing that you’ll know how much power produces per hour. Charge times depend on the model, some take 5 hours, other faster models can go over 5 hours even 8 for a full charge. With these super-fast scooters, the average of miles per charge is around 30 miles, advanced models can even travel 40 to 60 miles.


What’s the material of the scooter? how many pounds it can carry? and what are the dimensions when it is open? You need to see these features to confirm if the scooter fits for you. Most of the scooters can carry at least riders about 250 pounds. Your scooter still can carry you if you’re over the weight for it, but depend of the quality it can make your scooter go slower or deteriorate it faster.

Let’s go for the scooters


NanRobot LS7

We will start with the fastest electric scooter in our list. Currently, in the world of scooters, the NanRobot LS7 is the closest it can be to the power or speed of a motorcycle or any conventional transport.

The power of this scooter is enormous – two independent brushless high-speed motors, 1800W each in the front and rear wheels. Giving enough power to get you blazing to speeds around to 50mph (some customers said that they reach 52 MPH with this scooter). With the 35 Ah 60V lithium battery, you can travel up to 56 miles in a single battery cycle, more than enough for one or even a couple of days. Between 5 to 6 hours charging, you will need to get a full charge battery. 

It isn’t exactly a portable model since it weighs a total of 84 Lbs. It’s considered heavy but it has a folding mechanism that allows folding or unfolding in a few seconds. By the way, The maximum weight this scooter can haul is 330lbs, but we think that a rider with 20 lbs more will be ok on it. This is a monster machine with two motors, 11-inch pneumatic tires and a rubber shock dampening system that provide excellent shock absorption, able to handle all sorts of rough terrain. But still, you can be safe that whenever you want to stop it will do it, it has a dual front and rear hydraulic disk braking system.. Also an electronic braking system (EBS) will help you if you want to slow down in case of an emergency brake.


  • Just 5 hours to charge this battery is a really good deal. (Most of the scooter take way longer)
  • Fastest scooter with 52 MPH.
  • Easy folding design. Making easy storage in any small spot a scooter with the power of a motorcycle.


  • It’s been unavailable many times on amazon for the high demand of the product.
  • Heavy, 84 lbs are not easy to carry.

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Dualtron II

The Dualtron II is definitely another contender of the fastest electric scooter currently. Actually, the brand Dualtron has many really fast scooter, but we pick this one considering a balance between quality, weight, and price.

Boasting with a dual hub motor of Max 3600 W (2 motors 1800W) It can deliver up a speed of up to 40 mph. Also, the high capacity battery is an LG 60V 28Ah 1685Wh that allows you to ride for about 65 miles on a single charge if you don’t go full throttle all the time. Built by the experienced Singapore company Mini Motors you can rest assure that this scooter can take you on urban rides and off roads jaunts. The 10-INCH wide tube tire and rear-wheel mudguard plus the impact suspension system will provide you the stability that you need for a comfortable ride in different terrains. So you can be sure that you will have some fun whenever you want with this model.

This folding electric scooter is really easy to fold with two moves. It has a maximum load of 310 lbs, and considering the factor that just weights 62 lbs is not bad at all.


  • Embedded Deck Lighting. bright headlight and taillight also as a brake light when brake works
  • Lightweight and easy to fold. If we compare this scooter with other competitors with the same speed or power, we will find it way lighter.
  • Dualtron 2 Limited is designed to be able to turn on/off the main battery with the main switch under the deck (it is helpful for preventing stolen and efficiency battery using).
  • For the faster charging, there is one more charging port.
  • Extra port to connect auxiliary battery


  • Some people consider it’s for high budgets.
  • Tires are not too wide, making it not comfortable in some difficult terrains.

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NanRobot D5

NanRobot is a brand that we will see often in this post, high-quality components and good assembled make us focus our attention on its models.

With twin 1000W motors in the front and rear wheels, the NanRobot D5+ is capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 mph. It is powered by a 26 Ah 52 V battery that allows a maximum distance of 50 miles. A great feature is that you can choose between a single drive or dual-drive with a click of a button. In case you want to conserve some battery or go with all the power this function is amazing. For the brakes you have hand brakes engages front and rear that gives you security even when you drive at the fastest speed

A pair of 10-inch tires with a reliable shock absorption system allows for smooth driving even in uneven terrain. By the way, this folding scooter can carry 330 lbs (and even more thanks to the tires and dual motor power). It comes with Front LED light for riding under the night. Also, like other NanRobot scooters, the D5+ features a quick-folding mechanism that allows you to engage or put away the scooter quickly.


  • Choose between a single drive or dual-motor gives you freedom in your ride.
  • The 10’ tires help a lot to adapt the scooter in different terrains.
  • It comes with a remote to activate the alarm system.


  • It takes around 10 hours to charge
  • Some customers said that the most range that they have used this scooter with a simple charge is around 30-35 miles.

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Nanrobot D4

Again NanRobot, but this time with the NanRobot D4+. NanRobot is a Chinese company known because of its powerful motors and impressive features.

This scooter is not a toy, it seems as if it came from Silicon Valley or something. Complete with two independent 1000w motors that sit at the front and back of the scooter, with them it can reach speeds up to 40 mph. It’s pretty funny and extreme but we have to be really cautious when we drive and kids shouldn’t use it. By the brand instruction, this folding scooter can carry 330 lbs. But, we consider that thanks to the high-quality aluminum frame and powerful motors the Nanroboot D4 can carry around 350 pounds.

It also comes with an LCD display that shows speed, gears, battery and riding time. Also, it has an Eco/Turbo mode which allows you to choose between speed and range and it comes with a useful  USB port.
For last, this scooter comes in 3 presentations. The regular with a 18AH battery, the Pro that we like most with the 52V 23Ah lithium battery  (maximum range of 45 miles) and the Pro plus Seat.


  • 10” pneumatic tires and 6 shock absorbers (allowing go off-road with this).
  • Strong aluminum frame.
  • Dual disc brakes and regenerative braking. Giving security stop and control on high speeds
  • The range is twice more than many top electric folding scooters and even electric bikes. (For the price)
  • Is not as heavy as many Top fast electric scooter (60 pounds)


  • Charge it 100%  take long (around 8 hours.)

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QIEWA Q1Hummer

Not the fastest one but for sure this scooter has a pretty design, we like the colors and the stylish of this folding scooter. The QIEWA Q1Hummer is lightweight (55 lbs) and mid-sized frame, make us forget that it is a bit slower than other models.

The QIEWA Q1Hummer could seem not too strong with an 800 watts Motor, but with a top speed of 37 miles, this scooter is a great deal in the market currently. Also, it can hold up to 550 lbs that’s literally 10 times its body weight, making this folding scooter one of the stronger and worthy for the price. Most people who commute love this scooter because it provides you a comfortable ride for up to 60 miles on a single charge. it comes with a 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery that makes it possible
With an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP65, you can safely ride your scooter in rain without worrying that the water will get into the motor.


  • The lightest scooter of this post.
  • It can carry up to 10 times its weight.
  • Really long ride for a simple charge (around 50-60 miles)
  • IP65 waterproof gives a plus in your scooter protection.


  • Not the best option for hills or sloping roads. (web said “Conquer 45-degree incline”, but we consider that because of the motor power it’s less)

Click Here to check on amazon


All the scooters showed in this article are picky selected by the speed but also the good quality.  The fastest scooter is easily the NanRobot LS7. With 52 mph gives to this scooter the title of the fastest scooter for the next riders. Also, almost 60 miles in a simple charge and just 5 hours to charge the battery is a plus that we cannot omit.

Yet, it’s still another scooter that we really like in this article, the NanRobot D4. This folding electric scooter maybe is not the fastest here but is really functional. With 3 different presentations, you can pick the regular, pro or with seat, depending on what you want. Also, this scooter is really fast reaching up to 40MPH and NanRobot is a brand knowing for has great customer service and for have one of the fastest electric scooter.
As always, if you have any question you can let a comment or send us an email and we will be glad to answer your concerns.

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