Best 5 Folding Mountain Bike – Affordable for your money

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the best Folding Mountain bike, we recommend the ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike.

Bikes have different styles. When we talk about folding bikes we still can find fat tires, electric, regular bikes, mountain and even fusions between the styles. This kind of bicycles has been doing renovations and transformations, making them more streamlined and easy. Currently, the folding mountain bike is one of the most common types of folding bikes. They provide two keys for the riders, portability, and convenience for long trips.

So again, this is a good option for those who go out on hills, meadows or trails and still want the minimalist style of life.

Let’s stand out some advantages of these bicycles.

  • Good performance to travel to rocky and rough terrain. If you want to ride up a hill, any good multi-gear a folding mountain bike allows you go.
  • No more bulky bicycle rack, you don’t need to worry about extra accessories to carry your bike in your car.
  • A Foldable mountain bike doesn’t need booking arrangements to be into the public transportation system (some exceptions). Their compact nature makes them easy to move within ferries, subways, airlines, and so on.
  • Increased storage space, compared with a conventional bike. A folding mountain bike just takes 50% of space or even less than the conventional. Plus, way more easy to store or put into your car.
  • For those riders who live in a populated area is a good option to go to your job effortless and work out at the same time.
  • A good way to save money on a daily commute. Combining biking with another way of transportation you can go everywhere.
  • High performance for long-distance rides. Brands like Montague, Dahon, and others, make high folding mountain bikes for long-distance riding.

What to look at a folding mountain bike?


Check that they are ideal to carry without too much effort. If it’s as heavy as a normal bicycle it makes no sense. Around 45 pounds to 54 pounds, it’s ok.

Compact and ease of foldability

Again what we are looking is maximizing our space to store and it should take a short time to fold or to unfold. It should take around 30 sec to fold (once you know how to do it) and dimension folded around 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5in. It’s really simple, think about the space where you will put your folding mountain bike normally and work bellow those dimensions.

Useful in emergencies

If you are away from home and need to go back asap, you can simply whip out your folding mountain bike from your bag and ride. This kind of mountain bikes allows long-distance trips, they can help you in situations like that.

Fits in your budget.

Don’t over complicate looking for a good folding mountain bike with high prices.  You can find something with good quality and a reasonable price that fits your budget.

We have to be aware that their non-folding version has a little better performance in tough roads. But, in the end, if both are good quality, will have both a good performance. There is not too much difference between a regular mountain bike and a foldable mountain bike, but please don’t try to compare a $150 bike with a $1000 bike.

Let’s start with the 5 products:

eurobike TSM G7

We do not like to sound like television ads, but if you are looking for a quality bike at the best price, the Eurobike may be your choice.

This folding mountain bike is affordable, efficient, and stylistic. Eurobike has created a folding mountain bike that can transition between the road to the trail, and also store in small spaces (folded). This ride comes with a durable top quality steel frame that can support 300 pounds according to the company, but we think that can go up to 330 pounds. Besides, the recommended height for this folding mountain bike is from 5’4 “to 6’2”.

The shifter and rear derailleur are from Shimano. It also comes with a total of 21 speeds, which certainly places it above competing bikes. Those are some reason because we said that is a low-cost bike with high-quality components. The performance is smooth by the dual shock system and the 26” full-size tires that it’s comes with. These facts drastically reduce the impact during off-road and on-road trips.


  • Unique folding pedals making, making it more compact.
  • Easy to fold, Folds and unfolds within 15 seconds.
  • Good performance in different environments, thanks to the shock and speed systems.
  • High-quality parts for small prices.


  • With time you should change some pieces, like the pedals that are soft.
  • The seat is not very comfortable, simple, you can replace it.
  • No fenders.

Click here to check on amazon


cyrusher XF690 folding mountain bike

At first view, this is a really pretty mountain bike. The Cyrusher XF690 is one of the most good looking folding mountain bikes in the market. This one is another level of experience on talking about folding bikes, we can see this one like a hunting folding bike so it’s another level (Talking about power, quality and budget) The design and the stylistic of this bike are two big keys to consider when you watch this model.

This folding mountain bike comes with some components that make it fun and safe. First, the powerful aluminum frame helping the bike to support up to 350 pounds,  and is work well to riders 5’4” to 6’4”. The Cyrusher FR100 is smooth up or down hills thanks to the 27 different speeds that it comes. The disc braking system, full suspension (front and back) and wide tires, are the main features that make to perform at great levels. Even under wet or rocky surfaces this folding mountain bike performance well, PLUS a motor with 1000 W and a Battery of 12.8 ah this bike is a totally different experience compared with any other mountain bike.


  • Good function to shifting from one gear to others. With 27 gear speeds is one of the most versatile folding mountain bikes.
  • Speeds up to 40 MPH
  • Battery with a life of 45-60 miles (on a single charge)
  • High-quality parts, most of then are by Shimano.
  • Easy to assemble, it comes 75% assembled. Needs around 30 min to finish the rest.
  • Full suspension is a much more comfortable ride. Many other competitors with the same range of prices don’t come with both suspensions.


  • No fenders
  • Little high weight compared with others, 41 pounds. Of course, this is due to the bigger tires, battery and powerfull motor.

Click here to check on amazon



A really popular brand of cycling products, that so far create a new version of their original folding mountain bike, and now we have the OYMA

The OYMA POWER comes with resistant steel parts, like the frame and fork, both 26” and durable for a long time. An important fact, this folding mountain bike can carry a max weight of 200 lbs (by the brand), we think that riders up to 220 lbs will be ok. This is not a bike for tall riders, will have a better performance for those with heights between 5’3” and 5’10”.

Thanks to this mountain bike come with double suspension and 21 speeds, it is easy to maneuver, which makes is great on bumpy roads. Also, the average of bikes with this price come with small wheels, this folding mountain bike comes with 26” wheels.


  • Comfortable seat.
  • It can easily transition to off-road and on-road use.
  • It is incredibly affordable, compared with other folding mountain bikes in the market.


  • Difficult to assembly, the bike includes every tool you may need to assembly. But being honest, if you have never done it before you better need to call an expert. (Or pick the Amazon option to include the assembly)
  • Not good for tall riders.
  • Even if it has a good performance on-road and off-road, we have to resalt that a range of 18 speeds is low in comparison with other models.
  • Of course, as it comes with a less price, it also comes lesser quality parts, some of them you can easily change.

Click here to check on amazon


Montague paratrooper folding mountain bike

Definitely, the brand Montague know what they are doing. With more than 30 years in the market, Montague has focused on produce full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold. This Montague Paratrooper is a perfect example of a good folding mountain bike for whether on rocky terrain or city streets.

This folding mountain bike can handle large trips and difficult situations. The folding design is under a grant from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and helicopters, and into combat. So yes, you can jump from a helicopter with this bike… lol!.

The 24-speed EZ Fire Plus shifters provide quick and efficient transition and the 26″ wheels allowing for sturdy.

The Paratrooper is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, that have a great performance in wet weather. Also an SR Suntour suspension fork, that is a really high-quality fork for rocky terrains. Another thing to add is that you have different sizes available to choose from in this model.


  • DirectConnect folding system, which integrates a quick-release lever to improve folding time. (20 seconds to fold)
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum frame.
  • Superior quality pieces.


  • Is for high budgets.
  • The handlebar stem is not adjustable. It is possible to install a stem raiser to resolve any issues with height.

Click here to check on amazon


Ancheer folding electric mountain bike

We wouldn’t like to finish this post without mention at least one folding electric mountain bike. The ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike has the nature of a folding mountain bike, and also a stable motor that can provide effortless riding across different environments.

This bike is comfortable, quick simple, good looking and also comes with a good price compared with another electric folding bike with seems features. The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike uses an aluminum alloy frame that uses only one tube in the front and can support a rider up to 330 lbs. About the mountain features, we can watch that this folding mountain bike comes with Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design and 21-Speeds Shimano professional transmission system. That means the bike has enough traction and control to perform well in hills and off-roads.

Now on the Electric side, this model comes with a stable 250W motor that reaches a speed of 15 MPH in electric mode. Also, a 36V 8AH lithium-Ion Battery can reach up to 30 miles in pedal assist. As an electric folding bike, this model has three different working modes: Electric mode, Pedal Assist, and Normal ride. With the LED 3-speed smart meter button, you can choose the electric-assist power according to how much help you need.


  • Good for off-road and as a city commuter.
  • With the pedal-assist, this folding mountain bike is really smooth to ride. Also with the 21-speed Shimano, the transition between the velocities is really natural.
  • Even being an electric mountain bike, is still easy to compact and to storage in small spaces.


  • Little heavy because of the motor, 60 lbs.
  • It needs more maintenance than other models.

Click here to check on amazon



There are many good reasons why you need to buy the best folding mountain bike. For us we find the best features in the ANCHEER .

Cool design, easy to assemble and smooth to ride are good things to resalt about this folding mountain bike. Like everything, it could have something that people don’t like, in this case, some people change the seat and then were happy with the bike. The customer service also looks responsible and the bike comes with a lot of high-quality parts from Shimano, which is a good signal of high performance, besides the engine that completes this bike and makes your trip easy. This foldable mountain bike can help you to enjoy good rides and when you don’t need it is as simple as store it in a small corner at home.

By the way, this option is what we consider for our experience. But there is more option and we just gave you the tools to select your folding mountain bike, now you can sit and see what is better for you. Maybe something more simple to fit in your necessities. In the end, all is up to you, we are here just to help you on your road.
If you have any questions let us a comment below and we will be happy to help you!

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