This is the first non-ecologic bike that we consider on this web, and it’s for a couple of reasons. This bike looks great, has a good price and the relation gas-miles is awesome. Far from a standard motorized gas-hybrid bike, Phatmoto hides quite a bit of convenient engineering features within traditional bike frame appearance. This is a new brand in the market (since 2018) but they have focused their design to include the features that people have been demanding from many conversion kit manufacturers, and that’s what makes them have successful feedback from the people.


  • New Disk brakes design, giving more control and making it way more comfortable and versatile than many other competitors in the market.
  • Great conversion between gas and miles, for each gallon 133 miles on average
  • Unlike many DIY conversion kits or electric bikes, this is engineered as a dual purpose gas-hybrid bike that makes it significantly easier to ride when pedaling alone.
  •  The 4 cycle engine is an easy start and not loud.


  • Some customers say, the seat is not very comfortable but that’s common in most of the bikes and it’s easily replaced.
  • The throttle is not too sensitive, and it requires a lot of muscle to pull it back

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Features And Benefits Of PHATMOTO ROVER

Frame Material

Esthetic, unlike many “Do It Yourself” gas bike conversion kits, Phatmoto’s bicycle frame is engineered from the ground up to discreetly hide its fuel tank internally, so the result is a really pretty bicycle with a design between a cruiser and a dirty bike. For another side, securely bolts its motor to built-in frame mount, and safely encases the drivetrain, make it more comfortable and safe.

Even if some people consider it’s a heavy (70 lbs) bike if we double-check with other models with the same style we will realize that this model has a better relation between, performance – heavy.

The carrying capacity easily going up to 240 pounds.


First, the Phatmoto 79cc comes with an OHV 4-stroke gas bike engine with an automatic clutch that allows anyone to travel at speeds of 25 mph or even more if you remove the governor limit screw. Some people said that they achieve 30 miles which is quite enough for a bicycle.

By the way, it’s really common that riders of this kind of bikes suffer burns for the lack of safe design. In this case, this bike is equipped with a protective transmission case, engine shield and muffler cage, to avoid any burn situation.


The 2020 model now comes with rear disc brake providing enough stopping power when you will ride through the city or in some hills. Wheels are also heavy-duty, so with this kind of brakes and wheels, you can feel safe even in difficult paths or wet days.


Averaging roughly 133 miles per gallon, Phatmoto travels over 100 with one full tank. Operates on regular gas with zero oil/gas mixture needed. as well, was specifically engineered as a dual purpose gas-hybrid bike that makes it significantly easier to ride when pedaling alone and doesn’t restrict the engine when under gas power. All this mentioned before allows this bike being ride by pedals even being a little bit heavy comparing with regular bikes.

some customer experience

Walter Allen “Bike looks like fine craftsmanship all welds are done correctly looking forward to all the fun I’m going to have on it the only downfall is power needs a little more when I’m done with it hold on👍😜”

Robert L. “I really like how the frame is so beefy, its like a regular mountain bike on steroids..lol! “

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As I said in the beginning, we are not used to posting info about non-eco bikes, but this one really calls my attention when I saw it in the street. After a while, I could find it to check it and test it in a couple of sites, and it convinced me, it’s smooth and not loudly like other models of this kind of bike. This bike would really useful if you need to go through 20 miles a day trip and are looking for something fun and not too expensive, you will save in gas as well and it’s fast enough to enjoy a good trip.

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