Schwinn Loop – why is the best cheap folding bike?

Looking at a Folding Bike is like looking for a new phone, a laptop and so on… everyone wants more for less, as simple as that. Schwinn Loop 7-Speed is a very popular folding bike as Schwinn is an American brand, for its small price and good features.

First of all, let’s see the brand, Schwinn has been an American Icon for literally more than 100 years showing dedication towards building high-quality products (since 1895). The Schwinn loops succeeded in making a deluxe folding bike much more accessible than other brands with similar features.

In simple words, the Schwinn Loop 7 Speeds is one of the best options (Amazon says is the best) of folding bikes for small budgets.  

Things to consider before buy it

When we are looking for a folding bike the most common is to check the features to make sure that it feet our necessities. Sometimes it’s: what is the folded size? how long can you go with it? which kind of terrains could you go through? Does it come with a fender or luggage rack? and so on. 

So, starting with the Schwinn loop 7-speed is that kind of folding bike that is really compact and practical for short rides. Is knowing mainly for being a space-saving bike. Thanks to the low profile frame (make easy get on and off) and because that you can adjust the seat on the bicycle as well as the handlebars, this bike is really comfortable and easy to use. Also, the Schwinn loop 7-speed performance well to ride in urban areas or campus, especially to medium and short rides. So, you can take advantage of this folding bike to get around the city fast and smooth. The end result is an economical commuter bike that makes the daily back and forths a little easier to deal with.

Here we let you some Key features and Cons about this folding bike:

Key Features

  • This folding bike includes a spacious luggage rack welded to the frame. Also, fenders over both tires to keep you dry from puddles in your way.
  • The Loop bike folds down and compacts very quickly, it after 4 steps you will be ready, less than 1 minute.
  • Great price and value. we are talking that for around $ 200-300 you get a very sturdy folding bike and it offered 7 total speeds and also 3 color options to choose one.
  • This folding bike comes with a heavy-gauge nylon bag to store it when folded up.
  • It fit to 12 years old kids and 5 Ft up to riders 6 ’3” and 230 lbs. Also, a user of 6’5 ”and 250lbs said that he can ride good and didn’t experience any problem with the bike.


  • Some of the components are plastic and aren’t going to hold up as well as a better quality bike.
  • Some people consider that is heavy and bulky because of the weight, 33 pounds.

Features & Benefits of the Schwinn loop

The frame 

The Schwinn Loop begins with the frame, which comes in reinforced aluminum to ensure added strength and stability. A super low stand-over folding frame that makes it easy to get on or off. Aluminum is always a good option for folding bikes, it allows a sturdy bike and light. The weigh of this folding bike when it is fully assembled is 34 pounds. 

As we mentioned before, it includes full fenders and a rear cargo rack that is welded to the frame, which makes it more resistant and durable on the time.

The official recommendation to load on this folding bike is up to 230 lbs. But, some users with more than 250 lbs say that they have been using the Schwinn loop pretty well and are happy with their bike.


In The Schwinn Loop, the 7 speeds are easy to shift and give you more versatility for riding up and down hills and on different terrain. When other folding bikes with similar prices, comes with 1 gear, this one comes with 7  with plenty of variances for better efficiency.

Also, we see that the speeds are in charge of the Shimano Tourney rear derailleur, and 7-speed Shimano RevoShift Twist Shifter. We know that talk about Shimano means that it will help you a lot to cope with hills and get acceleration.


Front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes, provide nice stopping power that is also easy to control. We always prefer disc brakes, but those have no issues for your rides with this folding bike.

Wheels and Performance

With those 20” wheels with 30 spokes, you can get a smooth ride on paved surfaces, or even on gravel handle it well enough.  Wheels on folding bikes are smaller than wheels on regular bikes, so you cannot expect the same ride.

We have to say that this bike is not the best option for long rides. But, we are sure that this is an excellent option to have fun in a camp trip or to use it for medium or short rides in any urban area, like campus, or neighborhoods.


This folding bike is easy to fold by 4 steps. With a middle hinge located on the frame’s main tube, making it simple and pretty much faster than other models.

If it is true that is easy to fold, but it is not that easy to carry on. Once the bike is fully broken down, you can carry it by the attached rear luggage rack that is now facing upwards but is still a little bit uncomfortable. (because there is no clamp or magnets to keep it folded)..

In case that you will get it to the city and you will need to go on a couple bus or train, we suggest getting ready with a velcro strap, a bungee cord to keep it fold.

Rider Experiences

A lot of people confirmed what we think about this Schwinn Folding bike, good value for the money, especially when you need to move for short rides.

Simply in Amazon, we can find more than 500 reviews on this bike with an average of 4 stars. The features with better ratings are “easy to assemble” “For commuting” and “Easy to fold”. All them with more than 4 stars, validating what we think about this product.

Mrs. Murdoch said “I bought this about 20 months ago with the idea of storing it in the trunk of my car, so that I could always ride when traveling, or take impromptu trips around the city (where I live, it’s easier and faster to park and ride within a several block radius than it is to try to find parking 10 or 20 blocks away). Although I have a Pashley at home, I’ve also often used this for quick trips to local shops, and for short cruises around the neighborhood. It handles well, has seven gears so is fine on most terrain, and is just easier to get on and off of compared to a full-size bike”

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Schwinn Alternatives option


Overall, the Schwinn Adapt 2 is a solid folding bike. This folding bike comes in cool and sharp design. The frame comes in the aluminum alloy as the Schwinn loop. We consider that thanks to the frame design, this model is a little bit more resilience facing different kinds of obstacles. Also, this folding bike includes aluminum rims that protect the tires and are also double-walled, which makes them reliable and stronger. 

The saddle of the Schwinn Adapt 2  is certainly more comfortable than the saddle of the Schwinn loop. Of course, the Schwinn Adapt 2 is more expensive, so that upgrade of the saddle makes sense. On the folding side, both are really easy to fold and don’t take much space.For last both are good on medium rides, but we consider the Adapt 2 can take longer rides. The speeds of the Schwinn Adapt are by Shimano like the Loop model, but in this case, it comes with 8 ears, Shimano twist shifters, and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur.

One thing that is in cons of the Schwinn Adapt is that this one cannot adjust the seats and handlebars when the Schwinn Loop can do it

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The last of the series Adapt of Schwinn is a pretty good folding bike model. Compared with the other version of Schwinn, the Adapt 3 comes with more gears and better control of the speeds.

We could see before how Schwinn likes to use Shimano to take care of the speeds of their bikes, but this model certainly with 9-speed Sram X5 and an SRAM X5 shifters is ideal for trail-to-street enthusiasts.  The rear derailleur present in the bike helps the bikers to climb up a gradient or cruise on a flat surface with great control. The frame is light alloy and rigid, but not bendy like other low-cost models of folding bikes. The Swchinn Adapt has 20-inch wheels constructed using alloy, both models are really comfortable on asphalt, but the Adapt 3 delivers more smooth even on rocky surfaces. The folding process of all the Schwinn models that we check is really simple and similar.

One weird thing that we would like to mention, none of the Schwinn folding bikes comes with a kickstand which means it cannot stand without support. Even with that fact, Schwinn is an efficient brand for folding bike, with low cost and great value and performance.

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The Schwinn Loop 7 speeds Folding Bike is perfect for urban commuting. The fact that it can be easily folded and stored with zero hassles is what makes it a suitable bike for regular bikers. Yet, it does have a few drawbacks like not being versatile enough for different kinds of riding styles. Nevertheless, it is among the highest-quality folding bikes you can buy for this money.

It has a great build quality and is a nice looking bike.  if you want a bike for your short journeys and to keep your budget down this folding bike would be a great choice.

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If you have any questions let it bellow and we will be happy to help you.

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