How safe is driving your scooter now?

While this isn’t the time to engage in group activities, For the most part, people following a shelter at the home mandate, but you can still go outside as long as you’re alone. 

Yes, as it sounds. Most shelter-in-place mandates allow people to go outside and engage in solo outdoor activity, such as riding your scooter or your bike. But always before going out be sure to check your local public health recommendations and the current health mandates in your area and do not go out if you are feeling sick.

How dangerous is taking a ride in the quarantine?

So, the COVID-9 spreading or get is via spit. This virus is spread by respiratory droplets when a person coughs or sneezes, but it is not necessary that somebody coughs around you to get it. Actually, by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, you may get the virus.

This means that is still a high possibility of getting contagious going out even if you are alone. But if you want to go out with your scooter or bike, you still can do it, as long as you respect the social distance and try to avoid touch many things.

The other face of riding scooters 

IT’s true that if you go out with precaution as we explain before you can be fine about the virus, but the reality is that the virus is not the main danger as the statistics show.  And actually the fact that there is less traffic in the street doesn’t mean that is way more safe ride a bike or a scooter in the street.

On general lines, in the U.S. from 2014 to 2019 most of the accidents in the scooter didn’t involve cars; if we check we can find that around 10% of injured riders were hit by motor vehicles. 

Numbers and accidents

We can say that between 2014 to 2019 the accidents in scooters without any interactions with cars increase four times. The most common accidents were with people between 18 to 34 years and the injuries were mostly to the upper limbs including the arms and shoulders and the lower limbs, including knees and feet, as well as almost half of the accidents resulted in head injuries.

it’s not any safer than riding something like a moped. It goes fairly fast. While we feel bad for the injured, the study shows blame squarely on e-scooter riders. Actually, around 70% of the people have previous training, and still, 40% get an accident because of speed.

On another side, it’s fair common find people not wearing helmets when drives a scooter, I mean we are talking about a device that moves you 20MPH. As if we need to point out the obvious, you can get a traumatic brain injury, use the helmet genius. 

According to “card and driven” 50% of the people believed their accidents had to do with “surface conditions” such as potholes or pavement irregularities, and around a 20% blame a scooter malfunctioned, because of that let’s see what are the most common mistakes and dangers that we have when we ride a scooter, no matter if there is traffic or not.

Most common mistakes when driving a scooter

Drive under the influence

Just because is not a car or a motorbike doesn’t mean that is ok driving a scooter when you are drinking. Recommendation, ask for an uber or get public transportation because you can still get DUI (Drinking Under Influence) if you are caught in the act.

Share the ride

It’s a really common thing especially between couples and parents and children, no bueno… 

There are many reasons because we shouldn’t do this, first “Social distance” even if you live together you are doing wrong and giving a bad example in the street. Besides the social distance, scooters are mostly for one person, they have a weight limit of around 240 pounds, giving more weight than it should carry can be dangerous.

Reckless driving

Again, only 10% of the accidents are with cars. Half of the accidents, for strange that it sounds, are because of a dyscontrol in a curb or because of a problem surface. Also, crashing with an immobile object is fairly common as well, and all these are normally because of Overspeed.

So please, plan ahead your ride, follow the rules, and don’t use your phone, your crush can wait for your answer.

Defective Scooter

In order to avoid a problem when you go for a ride, you can do two simple things. Look around the scooter and check any damage, also check your battery and your breaks.

Why not? do a small test ride only to make sure that your throttle and breaks are good.

40% of the accidents are related to an issue with the scooter, a one-minute check doesn’t take you too much.

recommendations to your ride

  • Wear protective gear. Especially a helmet, duh!
  • No one-handed rides. This means DON’T USE YOUR PHONE
  • Be mindful of surrounding traffic, especially at intersections, no matters if there are not many people in the street.
  • Start off slowly with a test ride. In order to check and getting used to the throttle and breaks.
  • No headphones while operating the scooter. Hearing proven to be essential when driving.
  • Don’t try to operate an electric scooter if you’ve been drinking alcohol. 
  • Always follow the traffic laws and know the hand signals. 
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