Top 5 Friendly Bike Cities in the World – Last decade

Everyone loves to travel, duh! Ok let’s go for real, there are many places in the world that would be really nice to visit and go deep through them by bike. Riding the streets of a new city with the safety and freedom that you need to go on your bike is an experience that I wish everyone can have. 

When I arrive to a new place I always like to check what good things to do are close and try to move on a bike between each other. It was a bad decision in many places that I went for the lack of good bike paths and people’s culture, but other places pffff… maybe one of the best experiences. That’s why I decide to create a list of the most friendly bike cities in the world by the last decade.

How do we pick those cities?

In this case, we analyze the data of more than 20 reports from different articles, but also we pick the cities based on not just the bike culture or city infrastructure, but the things to do there, trying to find popular cities that will be fun to visit by bike.

By the way in this article, we are trying to show the best cities of the decade, but we exclude the cities in the U.S. if you want to know which are the Most friendly bike cities in the U.S. you can check here.


Thanks to investments in new infrastructure there are 28 cycling super-highways covering 500 kilometers planned of designated bike lanes and 1.4 million km cycled on an average weekday, there is no reason to doubt that the capital of Denmark is a paradise for bike lovers

Actually not just a paradise for a cyclist, Denmark is considered the happiest place in the earth. So, imagine a population of about 1.000.000 people and many things to do in a place where around 40% of people or even more are riding bikes. In this city, you can go visit the Tivoli Gardens, stroll along the Nyhavn (a classic old harbor with many restaurants) or just go and enjoy the nightlife having a drink in one of the many pubs that the city offers


Amsterdam is well known for different things, easily I can mention three: A lot of bikes, beautiful women and a side of a city with fuuuull weed! 

With more than 800,000 bikes (which means there are more bikes than people) and a huge network of bike-only routes, nearly 40% of all trips in Amsterdam is made for bikes. For a relatively small city, there are 248 miles of bike paths and Amsterdam is still creating new “royal routes” to accommodate more bicycles. Even on the street without bike paths, you can find a lot of bike riders going to work, shopping and so on, it’s a friendly relationship between everybody. If you visit this beautiful city you will find many but many things to do like visit Van Gogh Museum, The Jordaan or even go to the Red Light District.


The city for lovers and also one of the best cities for bikers in the world. In France, the bike culture is really popular you can find many cities like Strasbourg, Bordeaux or Nantes with a really good bike commute beside Paris. There are about 20,000 rental bikes available at 1800 stations throughout town, also Paris is finally getting into building out dedicated cycle tracks—including protected facilities on the Champs-Elysées. With around 400 miles of bike paths, you can figure out what to do through the bike routes in Paris, a classic visit around the Torre Eifell, go to see The Louvre, and so on.


In case you plan a trip to Asia you must know that Tokyo besides his huge population (around 10.000.000 people), super advance technologies and respectfully culture is also one of the best friendly bike cities in the world. The pace of the city is fast, one of the largest Metropolis is not the place with the most bike paths, but this big citie and their people have an entire respectful bike culture and a really sophisticated transportation system, making move around 15% of their population by bikes. Even if a futuristic city is the first thing that we get in mind when we think in Tokyo, actually, it has a lot of beautiful green spaces, lakes like “Sagamiko” and “Okutama”, and gardens like “Showa kinen kone” are amazing places to go and explore by bike.


The capital of Catalonia is the last city in our top 5. They continue to expand their system of bike paths, also their city’s bike-share program is one of the largest and most used in the entire world. Its cycling network is around 190 miles maybe is not too much, but all this mentioned along with the reduced speed limits, have been making the city directly raised the number of cyclists on the road over the last few years. There are 8 main rules to bike in Barcelona safe and the city has some routes like “Ciutat Vella” that with the seaside, parks, and monuments will make you fall in love with the city and the others many things to do in Barcelona.

An extra


I need to mention at least one city in America. Although the weather in Montreal can be tough for most people, the cultural hub of French Canada is an amazing place to go around by bike. Around 380 miles dedicated to bike lanes that make year-round cycling feasible and pretty darn safe. Also, each year the city promotes cycling with many things like hosts a bike festival, welcoming bikers to take a tour around town. Even the last summer Montreal was the host of The World Naked Bike Ride.

Final thought

I don’t know what they have in their mind all those backpackers from Europe looking for freedom and nature in America. For real can’t understand them when they have the most friendly bike cities, and also beautiful natural places around. But well… each head is a world, from my perspective you can see that most of the cities that I picked are from Europe, but also I would like to mention beautiful places like Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Oslo, Buenos Aires, Taiwan. Despite a couple of things like some unsafe spots in the cities, lack of bike culture of the population or though weather, are still beautiful and good places to know and go around on a bike. Those kinds of cities are growing in their cycling systems and hopefully, in the next decade, we will see more amazing cities getting involved in this huge move on two green wheels.

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Feel free to mention below any city that you think is an amazing option to go around by bike !!

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