What makes electric bikes so special? Tips and advice

Since we were in school we are used to going by bike everywhere, no matter what! we love to go on a bike. As we are getting old the distance that we go daily takes larger, but with this new generation of electric bikes, pedaling is still the way to go with many advantages, it protects the environment reducing pollution where you live, traffic and also, it’s still more efficient and relaxing than drive.

In the recent past, bike purchase is on the rise, as compared to the past years. This has been influenced also for the great improvements in the type of bikes that are being sold in the market today (this including the E-bike that for many people is more helpful than the regular). The E-bike has additional features and gadgets that make it more comfortable. There are, however, many types of these bikes such that it may even require an expert or someone who has used the bike to advise before to buy one. The following are some of the tips and the benefits of having this type of an advanced bike:

When to go for the bike.

Many reasons make an e-bike suitable for your routine. Whenever you feel that you need an easier and fast way to move in your daily routine is the right moment. it should be noted that these kinds of bikes are not that expensive as people normally say, there are many brands and models for any kind of price and depending on what you are looking for.

Another of the reasons is that the bike can be used in harsh climates like in strong winds, or high temperatures, unlike the regular bike. Besides that this bike is ideal for the worst environments, if you have health conditions you still can perfectly pedal without straining. People with health problems like asthma, people with pain in the joints, or even the elderly who don’t have so much energy to pedal the regular bike can still consider having this type of a bike and enjoy their trip thanks to the pedal assistance of the bike.

Also, if a bike is used for some chores daily, it would be better to prefer an electric one because it is faster for everyone. So, you can know how much do you need this bike, looking at how many times you need to move from one point to another in a day (short or medium distance).

Tips for buying a personal electric bicycle.

Consider the uses of the bike.

The bike can be used for many uses like for leisure, mountain e-bike, folding bike if you live in a small apartment, or a fat tire bike for any kind of adventure. The bikes are made for different people and different purposes. Understanding the personal preferences of the bike will help pic bike that is the best and long-lasting. If the client is not sure of the bike to purchase, consulting an expert will help get the best bike, and always that you need you can send us an email or a comment and we will be glad to answer.

Test riding several bikes before purchasing your own.

Testing the bike is just fun and enables the user to clear out all the questions he had to be able to decide now whether to purchase the bike or not. Trying out the bike first will also help to know if the bike will suit the needs needed. Everything on the bike should work as you want before making the final decision of purchasing. But, many times we don’t have the chance to take a ride before to buy so the solution it’s simple, don’t buy the first one that you see, read some reviews and comments helps a lot in order to pick a good bike.

Choose the retailer wisely.

Retailers sell different products depending on price, quality, and customers’ preferences. This is also the same case that applies to the bikes that you will find in the market. They will come in different types and variety, so choosing the best retailer will determine the kind and quality of the bike that you will purchase. It is wise to consult someone about where to get the best bike to meet the expected specifications and needs. A good retailer must be able to satisfy the needs of the customers and also have experience in selling these bikes. You can also select the retailer who will offer you a warranty period for the bike that you will buy.

Deciding on the type of bike to purchase.

Electric bikes are different in models, batteries, motors, wheels and so on. It is very easy to get a bike that will not work as expected because it can’t meet the needs required. The bikes have different batteries, either the lead-acid, the nickel-cadmium, or the lithium batteries. You should ensure that you have decided on the type of bike that you will buy before getting into the market. Knowing the bike that will work to meet the needs is essential because there will be no regrets after purchasing it.

Have high expectations about the bike.

It is the users’ role to demand the best bicycle to fit everything in mind. It is not advisable to purchase a bike that is not perfect as required to avoid future messing up in its work. The bike should be life-changing, reliable, useful, powerful, and joyous to use. The quality of the bike also matters and will determine the service that will be provided so the customer should not settle for less. Don’t forget that there is a reason because there are different kinds of electric bikes, each one works well for what is made for and you can’t expect to get a the best ride in a mountain path with a folding bike designed for cities trips and be stored in small spaces.

The benefits of having an E-bike.

They go faster than a regular bike.

Even a slow rider will move faster with this type of bike unlike when you are riding a regular bike. The more the cyclist pedals, the more the bike is boosted, thus moving fast. The bile will save on time and enable achieve a specific task at ease contrary to the other bikes. The bike can move with a speed of up to 28 miles per hour when the motor stops to propel.

You still get to exercise.

The bikes are still used for exercising and even go ahead to influence those who do not cycle because they are attractive. People who did not cycle before have been influenced by bikes by about 90%. The bike is the best for people who are not fit enough because it does not make them strain a lot and they can slow down the pedal assistance according to with their improve on stamina and strength

The bike can replace a car.

Having a bike is a way to get away from all the fatigue of driving, primarily traffics or even parking. Buyers have also listed the bike as a good one in carrying cargo, and also maintaining the environment. Also the savings on gas it’s extreme, basically, with the average that a person spends in gas/year you can buy a really good bike, not counting with all the money that a car requires in maintenance, assurance, and parking pay

Maintenance of the bike

Battery maintenance practices.

The battery is the heart of the bike. For this reason, the battery should be maintained in the best way possible. The battery should be charged after every ride to keep some of the cells in an unused condition and thus making the lifespan longer.

Cleaning and lubricating the bike after every ride.

The bike should be cleaned as frequently as possible to be able to notice some faults and keep it in the best condition. The jets should not be used to wash the bikes because the electrical components can be damaged. The bike should also be dried with a clean cloth and stored.

Always do a pre-ride check

Just as a car is pre-checked every day in the morning, the bike should also always be tested to make sure everything is okay. Checking the bike will avoid any accidents that may happen and also prevents damage to a part of the bike that was already faulty before riding. The following are some of the critical areas to always check before taking a ride:

– Checking the tire pressure.

– Checking the brake pads.

– The gears should be working correctly.

– The pedals should be stable.

– All bolts should be firmly tightened.

Regular servicing

The bike is complicated in its working, and so self-maintenance may not help the bike much. The bike should be taken to an excellent electric mechanic every five months, at least. The electric software will be checked and updated, checking the condition of the battery and identifying any issues with the bike. Gear adjustments can also be made during servicing to ensure no problems arise when riding. An electric bike is heavy, and thus all problems that may happen while on the road should be avoided at all costs.

Purchasing this bike is the best option to take, as noted above. It saves on cost in the end, so people should consider it. The benefits of owning an electric bicycle are all very significant in many aspects.

before buying one check:

Top speed

Depending on which kind of surfaces you will go through we recommend at least a motor of W500 that can go around 20MPH. Keep in mind that if the bike is bigger than other models so you need a strong motor. Something less than that in our perspective could be a waste.


We just mentioned many kind of Electric bikes, according to your situation you should pick one style, could be a fat tire, folding, mountain or classic.

Check if the Fork and Wheels of the bike allow you to domain the terrain that you want to go. Remember some of those are more extreme than others, and the suspension (fork) and the wheel size are a fact to consider when you are choosing.


For safety, this is one of the most important features. Obviously, you don’t want to go through a forest or hills without some light that can show you the path, or in the city at night or really early in the morning. Also, it can help other commuters to see you on the road.

Digital display

Some people can say that this is a luxury, and actually, it could seem like that, but it’s a helpfully one. The digital display can show you a lot of information about your bike. Depending on the display, it could show you: the amount of battery, what speed you’re going, the miles of the current trip, and so on.

If your budget it’s medium or high, it’s a good idea to consider this feature.

The Importance Of The Battery.

We need common sense here. You want a big engine with high speed and power you need a big battery too, or maybe you need two for better performance. They are too many different kinds of batteries but the most recommended are lithium-manganese batteries. This kind does not need a lot of maintenance.

The performance of the battery is different depending on the relationship between the engine and the battery.  We recommend choosing one that can allow you to ride through 10-20 miles at least.

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